Team Building Training Games

Workshops and lectures delivered by experienced experts, and training sessions organized for team building training. Instructor-Led lectures can often lose engagement. However, they can be made lively and meaningful by incorporating games, puzzles, and quiz programs for the second hour.

How about a quiz program in which questions are posed to an employee about a coworker’s likes, desires, hobbies? This simple exercise enables everyone to realize how they hardly know co-workers.

With the office as backdrop and employees as characters, ask the team members to enact a satirical play that will serve to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of everyone in the office. Planning, organizing, rehearsing and finally acting the play involves lot of teamwork and will serve to improve communication and emotional bonding among teammates.

Treasure hunt, tug-of-war, and helium stick are games enable team members realize the importance of coordination and teamwork for smooth functioning.

Split the teammates into groups and conduct scrabble, sudoku and crossword puzzle contests. This involves intense mental activity and will help team realize the importance of sharing knowledge to help the team win.

If participants are young and enjoy challenging games, choose adventure sports like sailing, kayaking, canoeing, trekking etc. These games require coordinated effort and are physically demanding. They might be conducted once in a quarter to impress upon the employees the importance of sustained collective effort for unfailingly achieving the organizational goals.