Marketing is a Waste of Money

Many insurance agents think that image marketing will help build prospects and clients. Nothing could be further from the truth, image marketing does not work unless you have an unlimited budget and even then it is questionable.

Image marketing is a major mistake because they provide no call to action, no reason to respond and no offer of benefits. Marketing must be specific and contain a hook. A hook is a reason to respond and a reason to take action. An example could be, the first 10 people who buy a case of Pepsi get a free T-shirt. A reason to respond would be the gift, a result of a call to action.

Image marketing rarely asks prospects to take action.” The result is a wasted marketing budget and wasted marketing efforts. Large corporations such as Pepsi are motivated by name recognition and a directly specified ‘image for their brand. The insurance agent who focuses on Image building will fail from the simple concept that their brand does not represent and specific product. No direct sale will be realized from image marketing.

While image and your good name is important, marketing to it as an image will not result in increased sales and in attracting new prospects and clients. Your image will keep your prospects with you once they understand your abilities and your available services.

Marketing plans should ask for a specific action, such as a reply card for information etc. Image building is important but for the annuity salesperson, it is done with relationship building at the prospect and client level. The image built will be rewarded with loyalty and referrals.