Economic Development in the World

In our planet Earth, all of us who are living are included in Economic Development. This is a global issue that we must face now a days. It also reflects the population in the whole world. Seven continents across the globe will meet together in the end in order to show economic cooperation for the global society.

The balance of trade from different countries must be solved at all cost based on import and export activities.

As of now, China is leading in the population growth while India leads the second but I am not producing babies for competing number of children.

Economic leaders and economic analysts must face this issue.

There is a solution for the World. This must be solved at all cost.

First, the high income countries should open their markets to developing country exports through the global trade and help the Least Developed countries that raise export competitiveness through investments in critical trade which is related to infrastructure, including electricity, roads, and ports.

Second, the civil society organizations should contribute actively to design policies, delivering services and monitoring progress for the global society.

Third, the private sector firms and organizations should contribute actively to policy design, transparency initiatives and where appropriate, public-private partnerships.

This is the future incidents that can happen anytime without a specific date for the other countries in terms of foreign currency.

North America that includes the boundary of United States and Canada may finalize a dollar currency.

South America can have their own currency because of their Spanish and Portuguese dialects.

Australia or New Zealand can have their final currency. We cannot tell when.

All African countries might have their own currency that leads to development even all of them are from their black races.